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Being a parent, you need to keep pace with the needs and demands of your growing child and fulfill them with absolute perfection. So, you can consider Funskool in this respect. It is renowned brand that designs exclusive games and toys for children, who love to spend their leisure time with its range of specially created products.

In order to let the little kid indulge into more fun and excitement, why don't you welcome home the thoroughly interesting Funskool Travel Guess Who? To play the game, you need to have two players and the average time required to complete a single game is something around ten minutes. It is an exciting mystery game for children that can be rapidly arranged for.

Well, would you like to know a bit more about the game? It is basically a guessing game and comes with numerous faces. The player has to eliminate the wrong ones and will also have to guess what the opponent has in hand.

You can buy Funskool Travel Guess Who, the interesting guessing game for your child only when he/she turns 6 years. It comes in a compact and attractive box, which can be carried at ease even when you are travelling. The entire set is made of premium plastic and therefore, your child is assured to stay absolutely safe and secured with it. So, why don't you gift your baby this set and help him get rid of boredom and loneliness? Your child will remain engaged to this super creative game for hours.

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